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Capital Group Financial Advisor: US Stocks May Not Be as Expensive as They Seem

U.S. stocks would seem to be expensive. Markets are at historic highs. Investors are currently paying more than 21 times what companies in the Standard & Poor’s 500 have earned over the past 12 months, according to operating earnings from S&P Dow Jones Indices. Investors are paying well above the 18.8 average multiple they’ve paid for stocks since 1988, S&P data shows.




Careconnect Health Insurance Group Review: How Much Water Do You Really Need?

Google “how much water should I drink each day,” and you get upwards of six million hits -- half of them, probably, telling you to drink eight 8-ounce glasses every day and the other half telling you to ignore that advice. Here’s the good news: Most healthy people drink enough water and other liquids by simply responding to their thirst (which is the first sign of ...


Investment Tips: Investment Type Suited for your Needs

There are tons of different ways to invest your money. The real question here is what type of investment is right for you? Looking for the most suitable investment type that will reap a good harvest is a daunting task.

One biggest element in growing your wealth is the value of return you will get on your investment. There are occasions where you may need to put your...


Investing Review: Creating Short-Term Savings in 60 Seconds

What if your air-conditioner suddenly decided to give up its ghost? Do you resurrect it (replace it with a new functioning unit) using a credit card and then scrimp on your meals for half a year in order to cover the cost of enjoying a cool summer and a warm winter?

Small and big accidents can happen and it helps a lot if you have the cash to insulate you from the worry and...



Careconnect Health Insurance Group Review: 5 Top Sunscreen Mistakes to Avoid

Good news: Warm temperatures, backyard barbecues and trips to the beach are probably all in your near future.

Bad news: All those wonderful things mean you’ll be exposing yourself to the sun – and, maybe, raising your risk of skin cancer. May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, and today, the first Monday in May, is Melanoma Monday. That means it’s a good time to make...


Security and Risk Online: The rising threat of mobile malware

Cath's day was like any other - until she picked up her phone. It was dead except for a spinning penguin on its screen.

Her phone was locked and trapped inside was a year's worth of irreplaceable photos, messages, appointments and contacts.

For Cath this proved devastating: "I thought I had everything saved to the SIM, but that had been completely stripped of all ...


Online Security: ‘No refund if you lose money to cyber fraud through your fault’

Losing money to a cyber fraud may not earn you a refund from your bank if proven that you were at fault in the transaction, a consumer forum ruled recently.

The Additional Thane District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum last week dismissed a complaint by a Navi Mumbai couple, stating that they had not taken due care in handling their bank account.

The couple had filed...


Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group: Properly taking care of your car is beneficial

Keeping the good condition of your car requires regular maintenance, and if repair is needed, it should be done correctly to make sure of the safety of everyone concerned. Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group suggests that you maintain the safety standards of your car and ensure that it is always in perfect running condition.

Knowing how to brake a car properly usually comes first...


Online Security: Fraud detection firm outs $1b Russian ad-fraud gang and its robo-browsing Methbot

A $1 billion Russia-based criminal gang has been bilking online advertisers by impersonating high-profile Web sites like ESPN, Vogue, CBS Sports, Fox News and the Huffington Post and selling phony ad slots, but that’s about to end.

Online fraud-prevention firm White Ops is releasing data today that will enable online advertisers and ad marketplaces to block the...


Tokyo Online Security: US Leads The World In Online Fraud

Global retailers can expect 12 per cent growth in online fraudulent activity in the upcoming holiday season, compared with the same period last year — and lower ticket prices on fraudster-targeted gifts and products.

That’s the analysis which falls out of new benchmark data from ACI Worldwide.

The data, based on hundreds of millions of transactions from retailers...